Perinatal Mood Disorders
affect 1 out of 7 women. You don’t have to go through it alone.

Perinatal Mood Disorders

Many of us anticipate that conception, pregnancy, and the postpartum experience will be one of excitement and joy – and it can be. It can also be a period that brings challenges including infertility, pregnancy loss, and prenatal/postpartum mood disorders. Often new mothers are told that their symptoms are normal and will fade with time, leading them to feel isolated, alone, and inadequate. Perinatal anxiety and depression are common, impacting 1 out of every 7 women, but should not be dismissed as “normal.” Perinatal mood disorders are the number one complication of childbirth and can have long-lasting impacts on mothers, their babies, partners, families and friendships.

Symptoms can look like:

  • Scary intrusive thoughts about the safety and wellbeing of your baby, yourself, or your family
  • A sense of feeling blunted or numb emotionally
  • Feeling detached from your baby, partner, or self
  • Difficulty finding enjoyment in things you normally get pleasure from
  • Sadness, tearfulness, lack of motivation or ability to concentrate
  • Irritability or rage
  • Feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness, or despair
  • Thoughts of self-harm or suicide
  • Dissatisfaction or lack of connection with partner or other support people
  • Difficulty integrating new role as mother into concept of self as an individual

If you are struggling to adjust to fertility challenges, pregnancy, or the experience of parenthood you are not alone.

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