It is with so much joy and excitement that I can welcome you to TogetherWell!

Periods of life transition and adjustment are often made worse by the loneliness that we feel in navigating them. TogetherWell was born out of my strong belief that opportunities for healing and growth are significantly enhanced by the strength of therapeutic connection and trust. It is only in a safe, collaborative partnership between client and therapist that you can freely explore old patterns, develop new emotional skills and strategies, strengthen supports, and create lasting change.

Life can be overwhelming but finding a therapist who “gets you” shouldn’t be. At TogetherWell, we realize how much client vulnerability and hard work goes into engaging in each therapy session. We want you to know that it is through this vulnerability that we see who you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go. Wherever that might be, let’s get there together.


Joanna Strait

Founder & Psychotherapist, TogetherWell